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What I Learned from My Dad About Sales, Marketing, and Life

Whether you are seeding the right content, making frequent on-page and off-page SEO adjustments, or just starting to analyze your audience, it’s tough knowing where to go with your SEO strategy.

Thankfully for me, my dad was in sales and marketing when I was born. He wasn’t the guru but he knew a thing or two about his job and how it related to life. Today, I am a successful SEO expert, thanks to the little tips my dad taught me.
Just as life, I learnt that SEO is wide. From time to time you may thing you are on the right track when actually you had drifted off course. Yet without proper structures in place, it might even get worse.

I have seen many guys who spent their entire life savings on business, sales and marketing and still left empty handed.

However, like my dad used to say, it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is finding your steps with the right guidance and in time things will fall in place.

That’s how I learnt that if you want to be successful in whatever you do, work with the best. It’s no wonder for my internet marketing I have always worked with the best SEO Company in Bangladesh.

But what else did life with my dad taught me about business?

You can’t Be Successful by Copying – Remove Duplicate Content

You can master an art and do it over and over again and still remain successful. However, you can’t succeed by being a copycat. Guys love originality. It is the most attractive aspect of a man’s life.

The same applies to SEO. If you want to kill your website even before it begins, use duplicate content. If you do, the Google Bots will get confused when they check your pages. The result will be poor visibility and spammy content.

To get a clean slate with better visibility you should get rid of any duplicate content. This will leave you with a very competitive website.

Strive to be the Best – Get the Best Web Structure and Design

It is simple really. Identify your strengths, harness them, and strive to be the best. Hard work pays and so is doing what you love.

For SEO, ensure that your website is the best. Put everything in it. Make sure it is easy to navigate. Keep it neat and organized. Be consistent. This is basically rooted into the design of the website and that’s why you need an expert to do the job for you.

Experts understand what they are doing and what it takes to execute a great web design. They will focus on friendly interfaces that are navigable and easy to relate. Get an experienced professional expert.

Do Not Discriminate – Build a Responsive Website Design

If you choose among the people to relate with, you may miss so much. Often the people you think won’t buy your products are the ones who end up buying. So make sure that you cover every platform.

That’s just like having a responsive web design. Apart from ensuring that the website is easy to navigate, ensure that it is responsive. A responsive web design is very vital.

Google has said it many times before that there are more searches on mobile platforms that on any other platform.

You must, therefore, ensure that your website is as good on a small screen as it is on a desktop. The best way to do this is by focusing on a responsive web.

Start with What You Have – Build Local Website Search Accounts

Have you ever heard of the saying; don’t go searching for love? Well it’s because love is always around you. That’s life. You may be looking at the wrong places when all you need is right next to you.

This may not apply to all businesses. However, you will never know unless you try it. Building a local web search account will intrigue you to know that proximity is a factor that Google uses to rank you on SERPs too.

So if you are a locally based business whose main focus lies in attracting local customers, you take this route.

Treat Everyone with Respect – Create Persona Focused Contents

The next lesson that my dad taught me is to treat every with the same importance. There is no one too small to make a difference. So always have a keen interest on everyone that you speak with. Learn them and build a family.

It is simple with SEO. Get the best content creators in your team. Once you have this, your next big step will be to create audience personas. This will help you to understand the type of content to create and the topics to focus on.

Go for Long Term Impact – Till a Relationship with the Influencers

This final point is tied to the above lesson. Never burn the bridges. It is that simple yet very important.

To stamp your authority, you should get your name out in your niche. This should be done naturally so that you can get natural social shares. A good way to do that is by building a relationship with the influencers.

Final Verdict

It’s a good thing I had my dad to learn from a thing or two about marketing and business. Lucky for you I am here to share the knowledge with you. There are many tips you can learn from forking with the best.

Where SEO is concerned, try my SEO Company in Bangladesh. They always have so much to share including title tag optimization. Title tags optimization will assist you to categorize every page. It will also ensure that you are sending out the right audience to the right pages with every click.

Remember, SEO like life is a journey, so be patient, be humble, and respect everyone. We are all in it together.

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