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Why an Ice Compression Machine May Not Work For You at Home

RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation are primary strategies for handling an injury. The right tool for compression and ice is the ice compression machine. The ice that the machine generates alleviates inflammation and pain, while compression reduces swelling that originates from inflammatory reactions.

Osteoarthritis and injuries usually result in significant swelling. A swollen joint affects the functionality, flow of blood due to constriction of blood vessels and is accompanied by excruciating pain. The best ice therapy machine, without a doubt, can alleviate this condition. These machines combine both cold therapy and compression.

However, some factors will make the ice machines not work for you. They include:

Using Poorly Constructed Ice Machines

An ice machine that keeps water iced for long is the best. It is only a well-constructed material that will maintain the ice nature of water for long. Typically, machines made of double walls are a perfect choice. What’s even exciting is that some have insulation to minimize heat loss.

Above all, look for a machine that is built of sturdier plastic because they will withstand wear and tear; thus, last longer.

Exposing your Knee too Little or too Long to Ice

You get excellent results when you use an ice compression machine at intervals. If you expose your knee for more extended periods, you may suffer from the adverse effects of cold, while too little exposure may not heal your knee.

Modern machines come with a timer. Choose an option that has an auto ON/OFF function to control exposure time.  This implies that you get the right amount of exposure, hence quicker healing.  

Wrong Size and Weight

How much weight can you bear?  Mostly, size goes hand in hand with weight. During treatment, you are frail. Thus, you may not be able to carry something heavier. You need a machine that is lightweight but has a reservoir that can hold enough water to cool your knee.

Size is, on the other hand, is vital in ensuring that all parts of injured knee receive the chilled water consistently. Get a wrapping surface that can cover the whole knee, without being too tight.  

Final Verdict

Ice therapy machines are capable. But it is only the right type that guarantees you results. When you are buying one, keep in mind the technology, weight, size, automatic features, and construction. When you find the right features, the recovery process after the surgery will be quicker and smoother.

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