Sodastream Health Benefits with Recipes

Sparkling water has been around for decades, and what has changed along the way is the production technology, thanks to the use of the best carbonation machine.

Most people know Sodastream as a beverage, which they use for refreshment purposes. With advancing technology, the production process has become efficient and safer.

Alterations can be made in the production process to enhance its health benefits. Remember, some people always say it isn’t beneficial. That isn’t entirely true.

Health Benefits of Sodastream

Sparkling water/carbonated water is typically water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas. The water gives a similar sensation as to drinking Soda, but this time around without the added sugars and calories.

In some cases, the water comes with natural flavors.

Its benefits include:

Improves Digestion

Sodastream can improve digestion in various ways. Many people take it after a heavy meal, where it reduces the chances of indigestion and stomach pain. Again, the water can improve swallowing and stimulate bowel movement.

Sodastream with Ginger Syrup Recipe

Ingredients: ginger (washed and sliced), water, sugar, Sodastream

Procedure: Put the ginger, water, and sugar in a pan and heat for 15 minutes

Let it cool, about 20 minutes and then blend it

Strain the ginger syrup and refrigerate it for 2 hours

Mix the syrup with your SodaStream and drink

Weight Loss

The myth is SodaStream adds weight. The truth is, it aids in the process of weight loss when used correctly.  Here are some recipes;

  1. Sodastream with lime and cucumber

Ingredients: 1 sliced cucumber, one lemon, and 2l SodaStream

Procedure: place the SodaStream in a container and add sliced lemon and cucumber. Store the mixture is the fridge for three hours. Your drink is ready.

  1. Strawberry vanilla and SodaStream

Apart from weight loss, the mixture gives you other amazing benefits.

Ingredients: a cup of quartered strawberry, one piece of vanilla bean (nicely sliced) for flavor, 4L of Sodastream

Procedure: mix the strawberry and vanilla in a container nice before slowly adding the SodaStream. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Keeping Hydrated

It sounds obvious, right? This is the point; carbonated water has a better taste than regular water, which makes it easier to drink.

Drinking the SodaStream all day long keeps you hydrated. Like ordinary water, experts recommended that you should drink at least 64 ounces of SodaStream a day.

Diabetes and Sodastream

Some forms of SodaStream have low sugar, or they are entirely sugarless. You can mix such carbonated water-specific ingredients to develop a mixture that is friendly to people with diabetes.

It is only the best SodaStream model that can help you get a SodaStream that will not risk your health. Additionally, there are different flavors you can add to this solution. Specific carbonated water for people with diabetes includes Raspberry Ice Cherry Antioxidant, Punch, Strawberry, and MiO Lemon-Lime, among others.

Final Verdict

With the best carbonation machine, you can make a SodaStream that suits your lifestyle. That means to tap immense benefits from the drink. However, getting such a machine requires that you read numerous reviews online.

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