Get Back to Work After Pregnancy – Improve Your Resume

We have helped many job seekers with their resumes. Today, we have hit thousands of resumes and enjoy some of the best feedback. As such, we always strive to give the best resume writing tips to our readers, clients, and job seekers at large.

While hiring the executive resume services is good and makes your work easy, you need to understand what resume writing is all about. Taking your time to learn will help you to grow and also to determine if you are getting quality for your money.

For us, taking baby steps is the best. That’s why we are going to give you some of the things that you should know about resumes.


The first thing that you should know about resumes is that they have a preferred length. Whether you have so much experience or not, the longest a good resume should be is two pages or even less.

What you must focus on is to make your resume as concise as possible. Focus mainly on the vital things and leave out any irrelevant things. In case you are using a template, you should edit it first.


Today, there are many industries. With the rise in technology, the introduction of online jobs, social media work, and other related platforms will require much more than just a written application.

You may have to include additional links to website pages such as the pages that you’ve created or maintained. This is vital if you want to be a freelance blogger or a social media page manager.

Career Narrative

This is a functional part of your resume that makes up an interesting read. It is a great way of adding a story to your name or possibly creating a great feel. Even so, most people don’t know how to create it. If you need one, we advise you to hire executive resume writing services to help.


We have included skills here because most people don’t know where to put them. Skills can form a great summary. They are best on the top section of the resume and underneath the contact section.

They are great pointers to what you are specialized in. Skills will also give your employer a clear picture of what position you fit in.

Whether you seek executive resume writing services or prepare your resume alone, these tips will count. Make sure that you have understood every one of them. In addition to that, you must also practice so that they become solid in your mind.

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