About Me


Hi, I am Kathy Lopez

Hey I am Kathy, a mother, writer and blogger. I did experience so many things throughout my parenting journey. I would love to share which might comes handy for other.

Cast of Characters

AC Parent— Me. The “I” voice you hear in your head when reading this blog. And when you’re by yourself in the middle of the night.

The Huband — my handsome husband. Naturally this is a contraction of “Smart Husband” for people who battle being coherent, like me.

The Girl — my older daughter. She’s six. She’s a bossy first born and loves to read, so I guess that still puts her ahead in my opinion.

The Boy — my only son. The middle child who takes after my father, essentially making him a little Nonno.

The Baby The Toddler— my younger daughter. She’s 2 now. I guess I’ll have to come up with something original for her eventually, but I have until she’s 8 and will take major offense that she’s still being called The Toddler.